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Krafton Claims New Anti-Cheat System in PUBG Mobile Successfully Eradicates Cheaters

PUBG Mobile recently introduced their new anti-cheat system called Fog of War where this technology is claimed to be successful in the number of cheaters or cheaters in the game.

According to Krafton, Fog of War’s anti-cheat system succeeded in eradicating the curse of cheaters who played the mobile version of PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Krafton says Fog of War is “the first of its kind in a mobile game” and works by limiting “game information players receive” when using x-ray vision or wall hacks.

Quoted from Gamesradar, Tuesday (27/9/2022), when implemented on a limited basis to date, lobbies that use an anti-cheat system show that x-ray vision cheats are reduced by more than 50 percent.

“Fog of War is an anti-cheat system that limits the game information players receive, reducing their ability to see players outside their field of view or through walls and objects,” said Krafton.

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