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Here are the 5 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes that Make Push Rank More Fun

One of the most popular smartphone games in various circles is Mobile Legends. Games that fall into the MOBA category are very popular in Indonesia. Moreover, this online game can connect with your friends or family so you can mabar aka “play together” with them.

As a player of the Mobile Legends game, of course you have a favorite hero or character. Each hero in the Mobile Legends game has different skills. That way, you can choose a hero who can support the push rank process until you get to the Mythic level. Well, do you know which heroes are categorized as the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends?

Here are some hero recommendations that can be said to be the most powerful in Mobile Legends. Come on, see the explanation of the most powerful hero in Mobile Legends.

1. Ling
Starting from Ling who is one of the most … Read the rest