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Danger, Password Stealing Malware and Crypto Disguised to Cheat Valorant on YouTube

South Korean security analysts discovered a malware distribution campaign that used the Valorant cheat feed on YouTube to trick players into downloading RedLine, an information-stealing malware.

To be precise, Redline is one of the more popular malware when it comes to stealing passwords and credit card information found in browsers.

Redline can also access cryptocurrency wallets (crypto) as well as computers, then steal information such as usernames, IP addresses, and so on. This is as reported by Ubergizmo, Tuesday (15/3/2022).

This type of abuse is fairly common, as perpetrators find it easy to overlook simply creating a new account when they are reported and blocked.

While YouTube has certain review guidelines, they seem easy enough to get past so when you see a link in the YouTube description, be careful, especially if you have to download a suspicious file.… Read the rest