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Alice Fiction, New Globally Released Turn-Based RPG Game

Alice Fiction, the game made by WonderPlanet is officially released globally for Android and iOS. This RPG puzzle genre game can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

In this game you can have many characters that can be played and collected. Each character has different skills.

This game with turn-based gameplay has characters with different tiers.
There are four tiers that are presented in the Alice Fiction game, namely:
– Tier A
– Tier S
– Tier SS
– SSS Tier

The Mr Guider website also has its own tier for the Alice Fiction game.
– Tier 0: Over Power
– Tier 1: Best
– Tier 2: Very Good
– Tier 3: Fine
– Tier 4: Average
– Tier 5: Below average

Not only that, Alice Fiction has six elements for various characters.
These elements are:
1. Fire
2. Wood
3. Light
4. Water
5. Land
6. … Read the rest