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Game Stray, it’s time for an adventure to become a cyberpunk cat

The Stray game has recently become the talk of gamers. Stray is a new game with an adventure theme. Different from other adventure games where humans are the main characters, Stray makes cats the characters you have to play with.

Stray, published by Annapurna Interactive, was released for PC and PlayStation. This game is also the debut of BlueTwelve which is a studio in France. As a cat, you will explore an abandoned city.

There are no humans, the city is inhabited by robots called Companions. Not alone, you will have an adventure accompanied by a robot named B-12. Just like other adventure games, you have to solve story puzzles.

Stray has received various positive reviews as well as praise for having very detailed graphics. The game will start with an orange fur cat who fell while crossing with his friends. He fell into a city, alone and injured. His … Read the rest