Professional Gamer Career Opportunities, from Hobby to Making Money

Some people say that playing games is just a waste of time and a waste of time. This assumption may be quite reasonable because someone who plays games can spend dozens of hours in front of computer and laptop screens.

In fact, playing games or gaming can not only be a hobby, but it can also be a profession and a promising career.

It’s no secret anymore, someone who pursues this field can fulfill his financial coffers. This lucrative income is what makes the gaming industry more active from time to time.

If you are interested in becoming a professional gamer or pro gamer, let’s first look at some of the profitable career opportunities that you can achieve from your hobby of playing games.

1. E-sports athletes
Online game competitions or what is commonly called e-sports are getting more and more popular lately, from small regional-level competitions to global-scale competitions.

On a global scale, The International competition still retains its title as the biggest and most expensive e-sport event. In 2019, the DOTA 2 competition created the highest record for prize pools with a total of IDR 481.16 billion.

Various e-sport competitions have also mushroomed in Indonesia to become a sport being piloted at the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta – Palembang.

One of the Indonesian e-sports athletes who competed at that time was Hansel Ferdinand with his expertise in playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

In 2013, the gamer with the nickname BnTet started his professional career with an income of 600 US dollars in one tournament.

His persistence paid off. Now from his hobby, he was able to earn 101,603 US dollars in 38 tournaments until 2018.

2. Game equipment business
It takes quite a long process to get various features and equipment or equipment in the game play. In fact, this equipment is very much needed as capital to increase the level of the game. This is where the equipmentgame business gap opens.

In online games, the system of buying and selling equipment is called real money trading (RMT). The products offered in RMT are varied, ranging from accessories, equipment, weapons, characters, to game accounts.

As a pro gamer who is in the RMT business, you only need to focus on playing to collect the equipment. The rarer and more complete the features and equipment you offer, the higher the selling price.

Usually, the RMT business target market is novice gamers who don’t have many game-supporting features or equipment. Some of them are even willing to spend quite a bit to get equipment instantly.

3. Service level up the game
In addition to offering equipment, you can also offer level-up services to gamers who often fail or are just lazy to improve their character’s abilities. In the game world, these gamers are nicknamed noob which means poor.

To get into this business, your ability to play games must be higher than them.

Game leveling service rates vary widely depending on the level you want to increase, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah.

4. Game tester
Before a game is launched, developers usually do a trial first to measure the weaknesses or defects of the product. People who test these new online games are called game testers.

Usually, game developers recruit game testers from pro gamers who have not only reliability in playing, but also accuracy and extensive knowledge about online games.

There are plenty of opportunities offered on the internet, both for permanent and freelance positions. The pay offered is quite tempting, from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.