Lost Mobile Legends Account? Don’t panic, follow these 3 ways to get it back

For all Mobile Legends players, the ML account that must be lost due to forgetting the password, being hacked, or being blocked is a risk that can occur. Especially if your rank is already Mythic with the number of skins you have, but can’t be played anymore because of some of these things. Don’t be sad and worried first, because there are various ways you can do to restore the Mobile Legends account.

Some of the methods in question are believed to have helped Mobile Legends players who cannot access brand accounts to be able to play. Then, how do you mean it? Come on, see the steps and explanations below.

1. Restore Mobile Legends Account Through Temporary Account Login
The first way you can do to restore your favorite old Mobile Legends account is to use a temporary account. The temporary account itself is a feature that has been presented by Moonton since 2019. Where, when creating a Mobile Legends account for the first time, the game will suggest creating a temporary account.

This is done by giving you a QR Code to use when logging in anywhere and anytime. If you have already created an account, then you can use a temporary account as a solution. The steps that can be taken are as follows:

– Select a temporary account, then login TP account.
– Then, select the QR code from the Mobile Legends account on your device.
– Then, upload the image and enter the password of the account.
– After that, you can access the lost Mobile Legends account again.

2. Restore Mobile Legends Account Through Related Platforms
To add more security, you can also associate your account with other platforms. This can also save you a lot of time because you don’t have to bother contacting Mobile Legends customer service regarding this problem. You can use your email and password to login to other platforms such as Moonton, Facebook, VK, or Google Play.

Of course, you can do this method to log into your Mobile Legends account. Simply select which platform you have connected to before, then enter your email or cellphone number and password according to your account.

3. Restore Mobile Legends Account Through Customer Service
Well, if the two methods don’t work at all, starting from a Mobile Legends account that hasn’t been linked to other platforms or a temporary account that doesn’t work either, then the next way is to contact Mobile Legends customer service. The steps that must be taken to contact customer service, including:

– When logging in to Mobile Legends, click the icon of the person wearing the headset.
– Then, select the account issue option.
– Select account restore.
– Select the reason for losing the account and fill in the reason such as ‘I forgot to link the game account to the social platform before changing ID.’
– Complete the form based on your Mobile Legends account data including character nickname, server, mobile phone serial number used, account registration date, character level, number of heroes and skins owned, and many others.
– To see the server or ID, use the search feature and search for the name of the account you have
– When you have found it, then click it to be able to access related information.
– Don’t forget to also ensure the authenticity of the data entered and it is in accordance with the account before sending the form.
– For users whose accounts have been hacked, they can accompany evidence by uploading it such as proof of purchasing a diamond voucher via Google Play or other platforms.
– After that, the Mobile Legends customer service will process the complaint and reply to it via customer service chat in the game.
– Later there will be a notification when opening the game from CS. Then, answer the questions asked from CS to verify the identity, then the account will be returned immediately.

Well, those are some ways you can do to restore your lost Mobile Legends account so that it can’t be accessed. Of course it’s very easy not the given processes. Therefore, always be careful in using your account.