Krafton Claims New Anti-Cheat System in PUBG Mobile Successfully Eradicates Cheaters

PUBG Mobile recently introduced their new anti-cheat system called Fog of War where this technology is claimed to be successful in the number of cheaters or cheaters in the game.

According to Krafton, Fog of War’s anti-cheat system succeeded in eradicating the curse of cheaters who played the mobile version of PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Krafton says Fog of War is “the first of its kind in a mobile game” and works by limiting “game information players receive” when using x-ray vision or wall hacks.

Quoted from Gamesradar, Tuesday (27/9/2022), when implemented on a limited basis to date, lobbies that use an anti-cheat system show that x-ray vision cheats are reduced by more than 50 percent.

“Fog of War is an anti-cheat system that limits the game information players receive, reducing their ability to see players outside their field of view or through walls and objects,” said Krafton.

Krafton explained, the Fog of War system moved all buildings and terrain on the large PUBG Mobile map. Through internal calculations, the system then determines what players can see.

“Finally, only specific information is sent from the server back to the player. Invisible information will not be sent, preventing x-ray vision cheaters,” said Krafton.

Krafton also revealed that it would roll out a new anti-cheat system gradually, to all modes in PUBG Mobile.

The company also confirms that they do not accept fraud in PUBG Mobile at all, so this creates another act to use players using fraudulent and unfair technology.

“Nothing is more important to PUBG Mobile than ensuring it has a safe, fun and fair experience,” said Krafton.

PUBG Mobile Teams up with Squid Game Star Jung Ho Yeon

Some time ago, PUBG Mobile collaborated with Squid Game movie star Jung Ho Yeon. He will join PUBG Mobile to fill the role of Nusa Commissioner in the version 2.2 update.

In this version 2.2 update, PUBG Mobile introduces the Nusa map. As before, Nusa is a new map in PUBG Mobile which is the smallest in size.

Through this Nusa map inspired by the beauty of Bali, players can enjoy fast-paced battles while enjoying beautiful scenery, such as visiting Bali.

As part of the release of the Nusa map, Jung Ho Yeon was present as Nusa Commissioner. Starting Friday, September 23, 2022, players can collect Jung Ho Yeon-themed knick-knacks by buying a special chest.

PUBG Mobile Introduces Map Nusa

The knick-knacks in question include Ho Yeon Operation Erangel Set, Ho Yeon Purple Crown – Pan, Ho Yeon Queen of Thorns Ornament, and Ho Yeon Deadly Kiss – Kar98K.

For those who don’t know, Jung Ho Yeon is a South Korean artist and model who has won global recognition for me as Kang Sae-byeok in Squid Game which airs on Netflix.

His popularity and achievements have made Ho Yeon now lined up as a brand ambassador for various fashion brands, watches, to jewelry. Ho Yeon also won various awards thanks to utilizing in the Squid Game.

Because of his expertise in acting, Ho Yeon will return in the thriller drama series project entitled Disclaimer on Apple TV+. The project was directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who previously won the Academy Award for Gravity and Roma.

The new map of Nusa in PUBG Mobile itself is inspired by the beauty of the island of Bali. The map in the PUBG Mobile game is the result of a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

The Smallest Map in PUBG Mobile

The size of the Nusa map is 1 x 1, making it the smallest map in this game that is loved by smartphone users in Indonesia.

To be able to play games on the Nusa map, players must update their PUBG Mobile application to the latest version on their respective Android or iOS cellphones.

The name Nusa on the new map is taken from the word Nusantara. Because of its small size, in a duration of 5 minutes, players can already enjoy the beautiful panorama on the island of Bali.

PUBG Mobile Indonesia Country Manager, Elvarica Noviyanti said, this collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is PUBG Mobile’s commitment to promoting Indonesian tourist and cultural destinations.

“It is an honor for us to be able to collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, with the same mission, which is to promote the beauty of Indonesian tourism, in this case the island of Bali,” said Elvarica.

He also hopes that the Nusa map will not only be enjoyed by PUBG Mobile fans in Indonesia, but also throughout the world.