Here are the 5 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes that Make Push Rank More Fun

One of the most popular smartphone games in various circles is Mobile Legends. Games that fall into the MOBA category are very popular in Indonesia. Moreover, this online game can connect with your friends or family so you can mabar aka “play together” with them.

As a player of the Mobile Legends game, of course you have a favorite hero or character. Each hero in the Mobile Legends game has different skills. That way, you can choose a hero who can support the push rank process until you get to the Mythic level. Well, do you know which heroes are categorized as the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends?

Here are some hero recommendations that can be said to be the most powerful in Mobile Legends. Come on, see the explanation of the most powerful hero in Mobile Legends.

1. Ling
Starting from Ling who is one of the most powerful assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero has fast movements and skills that are deadly enough to keep your opponent from moving. Ling also has the ability to escape to the top of the wall which is usually used by players when trapped or trapped in enemy areas.

In addition, mastering the entire map to farming yourself calmly is also an advantage. Plus the difficulty experienced by the enemy when he was about to kill Ling because of his speed and ability to chase and even out opponents to Savage! No wonder Ling is one of the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends.

2. Barats
The next hero that is often used by pro players is Barats. The ability to trap and chew opponents lethally is one of its strengths. Coupled with strong endurance in the form of thick health so it is difficult to kill.

When you use another hero and face Barats, get ready for the next respawn because you are trapped by the tug of Barats’ tongue. Remembering, you can be immediately ganged up by teammates from Barats who are already waiting.

3. Lancelot
One of the heroes that produces the most damage in Mobile Legends is Lancelot. Speed ​​is the advantage of this hero so that it can be deadly and can kill every opponent in an instant. However, you must be able to control Lancelot because of his fast movements or fast hands.

This also makes Lancelot move slippery and difficult to kill so that it becomes a distinct advantage in using it, like pro players. If you find it difficult to use this hero, there are many tutorials that can be seen to play to master this hero including the skills possessed.

4. Granger
Granger is the current strongest Marksman that you can use while playing. Marksman has quite a lot of damage when you have important items and are at level close to 15. One of Granger’s agility is the shot and range of ultimate skill shots making him one of the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends.

As with other heroes, mastering Granger’s skills requires experience or learning in order to achieve them. This affects the hero’s performance when playing with opponents and also avoids ulti being wasted because they don’t hit the target.

5. Esmeralda
Esmeralda is a mage hero who has very thick health like a tank. Being one of the most powerful mages, Esmeralda has a strong endurance that allows her to survive when attacked by many enemies. In addition, the attack from this hero is also painful so it is suitable for you to rely on for push rank.

Plus, Esmeralda can also be used as an attack initiator or withstand attacks from opponents. Towards Mythic will be smoother when you can master Esmeralda properly.

By using some of the recommendations of the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends at this time, your push rank can run smoothly. However, this must also be supported by the mastery of each character you use. Do not use the strongest hero, it will make you lose because it is difficult to control it.