Do people still play Dota 2? Complete Proofs to Answer

There cannot be a conversation about the greatest e-sports on the planet without including Dota and Dota 2 in the conversation. Dota 2 once defined and shaped e-sports at one point had the biggest player base and fan base in esports from having crowdfunding to filling the biggest arenas to gather fans from all around the world dota 2 had it all but all of this was years ago Vavle still organizes the internationals every year. The player base is on the decline and since 2016 the player base has shrunk by 20%. So does Dota 2’s charm fade away or the game is dying? the biggest question is do people still play Dota 2?

The Rise:

Before anything else, we have to talk about the rise of Dota 2 and how it’s got its place and from where. So like every other popular Valve game dota was also a mod. of the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and it quickly got popular among the community. Dota 2 was first announced

In 2010 and was promised that it would be in beta in 2011. After announcing it valve also organized the biggest tournament (prize pool wise) of esports to market the game to the masses and this move proved to be excellent as hundreds of thousands of people watched the tournament and wanted to know about it and play it.

The Peak:

Dota 2 concurrent peaked in 2016 after having the best TI stats the game has ever seen the base game was built on the ancient source engine which was from 2004 and in 2015 dota was ported over to Source 2 giving the game a new look and feel and in the year 2016 Valve released a number of new features and updates for Dota 2 including the Reborn update, which overhauled the game’s user interface and engine. Valve also released a number of new heroes, items, and cosmetics, which kept the game fresh and engaging for players and the cherry on top was the Cinderella run of Team Wings which exploded the game in the Chinese markets thus racking the huge pile of players playing the game.

Dota 2 Boosting:

We all know how hard it is to rank up in Dota 2 you have to grind your way up master a specific hero and do a lot of grinding in the game. I am not saying that this is not good practice to rank up but there is also an easier and faster way to rank up and that is Availing of Dota 2 Boosting services. In this service, you can hire a pro player to play on your behalf at your account and rank up.

The Decline:

And Like every good thing, dota 2’s popularity is declining whether it’s the player base or the viewership of the Dota 2 tournaments this might be due to the competition from LoL or from other genres games like CS or valorant which are catching new audiences by a storm.


Dota 2 might be on a rough patch on the things here but Valve takes care of it and gives the game the proper attention it needs. And to answer the question: “ Yes, People do still play Dota 2”. The player count averaged around 400k players and peaked at more than 750 thousand players.