Making the Most of Your Build: Using Items the Best Way in League of Legends

League of Legends, with its ever-evolving meta and vast array of items, offers players a multitude of strategies to optimize their builds and dominate the Rift. Mastering itemization is crucial for success, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game. In this guide, we’ll explore some key principles and tips for making the most of your build, maximizing your effectiveness in every match.

Understanding Core Items

At the heart of every champion’s build lies their core items. These are the foundation upon which you’ll build the rest of your arsenal, providing essential stats and unique passives tailored to your champion’s strengths and playstyle. Whether it’s a Infinity Edge for raw AD, a Rod of Ages for AP scaling, or a Sunfire Aegis for tankiness, identifying and prioritizing your core items is the first step towards success on the Rift.

Unlocking New Opportunities

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Do people still play Dota 2? Complete Proofs to Answer

There cannot be a conversation about the greatest e-sports on the planet without including Dota and Dota 2 in the conversation. Dota 2 once defined and shaped e-sports at one point had the biggest player base and fan base in esports from having crowdfunding to filling the biggest arenas to gather fans from all around the world dota 2 had it all but all of this was years ago Vavle still organizes the internationals every year. The player base is on the decline and since 2016 the player base has shrunk by 20%. So does Dota 2’s charm fade away or the game is dying? the biggest question is do people still play Dota 2?

The Rise:

Before anything else, we have to talk about the rise of Dota 2 and how it’s got its place and from where. So like every other popular Valve game dota was also a … Read the rest

The Journey of Resident Evil, a Zombie-Themed Game Turned into a Movie to a Netflix Series

The Resident Evil game is no stranger to gamers around the world. Resident Evil is a franchise game with the horror genre. The Resident Evil game in Japan is called Biohazar and was created by Shinji Mikami and Tukoro Fujiwara.

Tenarnya Resident made a film company release it in the form of live action. This game made by Capcom was released in 1996 and has now sold more than 1000 million copies. Not only films, Resident Evil has also been appointed as a vehicle for amusement parks to CGI films.

The following is the journey of the Resident Evil game
– Resident Evil (1996)
– Resident Evil 2 (1998)
– Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)
– Resident Evil Survivor (2000)
– Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (2000)
– Resident Evil Gaiden (2001)
– Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica (2001)
– Resident Evil Remake (2002)
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Game Stray, it’s time for an adventure to become a cyberpunk cat

The Stray game has recently become the talk of gamers. Stray is a new game with an adventure theme. Different from other adventure games where humans are the main characters, Stray makes cats the characters you have to play with.

Stray, published by Annapurna Interactive, was released for PC and PlayStation. This game is also the debut of BlueTwelve which is a studio in France. As a cat, you will explore an abandoned city.

There are no humans, the city is inhabited by robots called Companions. Not alone, you will have an adventure accompanied by a robot named B-12. Just like other adventure games, you have to solve story puzzles.

Stray has received various positive reviews as well as praise for having very detailed graphics. The game will start with an orange fur cat who fell while crossing with his friends. He fell into a city, alone and injured. His … Read the rest

Alice Fiction, New Globally Released Turn-Based RPG Game

Alice Fiction, the game made by WonderPlanet is officially released globally for Android and iOS. This RPG puzzle genre game can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

In this game you can have many characters that can be played and collected. Each character has different skills.

This game with turn-based gameplay has characters with different tiers.
There are four tiers that are presented in the Alice Fiction game, namely:
– Tier A
– Tier S
– Tier SS
– SSS Tier

The Mr Guider website also has its own tier for the Alice Fiction game.
– Tier 0: Over Power
– Tier 1: Best
– Tier 2: Very Good
– Tier 3: Fine
– Tier 4: Average
– Tier 5: Below average

Not only that, Alice Fiction has six elements for various characters.
These elements are:
1. Fire
2. Wood
3. Light
4. Water
5. Land
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Rise of Eros, Adult Game with Turn Base RPG Gameplay

EROLABS has released a turn base strategy game, Rise of Eros. Rise of Eros is the world’s first AAA-rated adult game. Not all mobile devices can play Rise of Eros because of the high character design details.

This turn base action game allows players to modify their own characters. For example, to change costumes, with uniforms, corsets, to fancy dresses. Because this is an adult game, the official page has also been warned, only those who are 18 years old and above are allowed to play.

In terms of gameplay, Rise of Eros has four goddesses or heroes that you can play and replace as you like. The four of them were used to fight. Each goddess has different skills and ultima.

Rise of Eros . Recommended Specifications
– OS: Android 9 or above
– Storage: 3 GB or more
– RAM: 4 GB or above
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How to Play GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE . Online Game

The GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE game has just been released and can be played on Android and iOS. GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is a sci-fi RPG shooting game with female anime characters.

The way to play is quite easy, that is, we only need to assemble a team from the available characters. To get characters, you can use gacha. There are many character classes and ranks that can be obtained.

Each character has special abilities that can be paired with other characters. So, a good combination is a key to victory.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE tells the story of a group of heroes who fight against aliens. The alien came to earth in the past which caused destruction on earth.

This makes humanity forced to live underground to survive. Then, came the hero who fought against the aliens.

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CarX Street Release Schedule Android Version, Free Download on Play Store

CarX Street is the latest racing game made by CarX Technologies. It is reported that the Android version of CarX Street will be released in October 2022.

However, the exact release date of the Android version of CarX Street is not yet known. This information is known from the upload of the official Facebook account ” CarX Street, Wednesday (7/9/2022). “The actual date of the release of the project on this platform according to our current estimates – October, this year.” but we will share this information with you as soon as possible.” wrote the caption in the Carx Street Facebook post.

In the upload, it is also known that later the Android version of CarX Street can be downloaded for free. Android users can download CarX Street through the Play Market or Play Store.

It is not yet known for certain about the specification requirements of Android devices that … Read the rest

Genshin Impact Celebrates Birthday and Update 3.1 on September 28, 2022, Free Prizes

Genshin Impact will be holding their 2nd anniversary celebration on September 28, 2022. This game will give out free prizes, as well as concerts.

Along with this celebration, Genshin Impact will also roll out an update or update to version 3.1.

Update 3.1 Genshin Impact will allow players to explore the desert region of Sumeru and introduce several new characters such as Cyno and Candace.

Citing IGN, Tuesday (27/9/2022), there are several gifts that are distributed by HoYoverse in order to celebrate the second anniversary of Genshin Impact in 2022.

For In-Game Mail rewards, players will get 1,600 Primogems, 4x Fragile Resin, Jumpty Dumpty Party Pooper, and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device.

In addition, Genshin Impact will also hold a Path of Gleaming Jade daily login event, where players have the opportunity to get daily login prizes on October 14 at 04.00 to October 31 at 03.59.

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Razer Edge 5G Android Game Console Officially Introduced

The first Android game console that carries the 5G network was officially introduced at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas. It is the Razer Edge 5G which will be officially launched on October 15th.

As the name implies, Razer Edge 5G will offer 5th generation internet network connectivity. This device is also said to be able to run games without being connected to the internet, launched from GSM Arena, Monday (3/10/2022).

The Razer Edge 5G handheld console is equipped with the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 platform that was announced last year along with a dev kit made by Razer that does have similarities to the Edge 5G.

Being an Android-based device, users can certainly run all mobile games available on the Google Play Store and run cloud gaming and game streaming services from a PC or console.

By design, the Razer Edge 5G features the Edge 5G design featuring dual thumbsticks, … Read the rest