CarX Street Release Schedule Android Version, Free Download on Play Store

CarX Street is the latest racing game made by CarX Technologies. It is reported that the Android version of CarX Street will be released in October 2022.

However, the exact release date of the Android version of CarX Street is not yet known. This information is known from the upload of the official Facebook account ” CarX Street, Wednesday (7/9/2022). “The actual date of the release of the project on this platform according to our current estimates – October, this year.” but we will share this information with you as soon as possible.” wrote the caption in the Carx Street Facebook post.

In the upload, it is also known that later the Android version of CarX Street can be downloaded for free. Android users can download CarX Street through the Play Market or Play Store.

It is not yet known for certain about the specification requirements of Android devices that can download CarX Street. However, this racing game requires an Android device with a fairly high specification.

The Android version of CarX Street will later be able to be played online. So, to play this game, the user’s cellphone must be connected to the internet network. As for the iOS version of CarX Street, it is stated that there will be no resets or updates when the Android version is released later. CarX Technologies ensures that users of the Android platform will soon be able to enjoy CarX Street.