Capcom Announces Resident Evil: Village Will Come to Mac in 2022

Apple and Capcom announced, Resident Evil: Village will be launched for Mac devices this year. This was conveyed by both of them at the WWDC 2022 event, quoted on Wednesday (8/6/2022).

“We are proud to bring our newest title to Apple’s incredible line of Macs, powered by Apple silicon,” said Masaru Ijuin, Advanced Technical Research Division Manager, Capcom.

According to Ijuin, Resident Evil: Village will be playable at 1080p resolution on the MacBook Air M2. Meanwhile, this game can also run up to 4K resolution on Mac Studio.

“Before, this was only possible on high-performance gaming consoles and PCs, but we can now bring this to every Mac with Apple silicon,” Ijuin said, citing a broadcast on Apple’s YouTube.

Even so, Capcom only said this game will be released for Mac in 2022. There is no specific release date for this yet.

Citing Digital Trends, Mac computers are often reported to have compatibility issues with many games. Users usually need to dual-boot their device to run games via Steam.

Also, technically, Resident Evil: Village can also be played on Mac devices via Google Stadia.

The announcement of Resident Evil: Village for Mac itself was included in a presentation regarding the Metal software used in Apple products, which was upgraded to Metal 3.